Mountain farms in Skjolden


Dulsete is an old mountain farm used for summer pasture until the 1950s. There are still several well maintained mountain farms in the Mørkridsdalen valley, and livestock continue to graze in the old cultural landscape. A relatively easy trip through a majestic, lush and unique landscape. The River Mørkridselva runs alongside the path, affording a magnificent sight as it surges through the ravine at one point. The trip starts 5 km from Skjolden.

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This panoramic trip starts in Skjolden itself. The trail takes in the high-lying farms of Flaten, Skåri and Rebni before reaching the Rebnisli mountain farm. There are great views over Skjolden and the Lustrafjord.

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A steep walk to 850 metres above sea level. The route offers great views across the Mørkridsdalen valley, Lake Åsetevatnet and its mountain farms, and the Hurrungane massif in Jotunheimen national park. The route to the top takes you close to the mighty Drivandefossen waterfall.

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