Walking in jotunheimen national park

Mount Fannaråken

Drive the short distance to Turtagrø, enter the Helgedalen valley and begin the ascent to the summit, 2,068 metres above sea level. This trek is one of the classics! The round trip takes 5–8 hours. Remember good footwear and clothing. Feel free to ask reception for more information.



This is a relatively easy trip in gentle terrain. The route starts by the Tindevegen road and takes you through the Ringsdalen valley with vistas towards the Ringstindane mountains.

Ringsdalen is also popular for skiing trips to the peaks of Store Ringstind and Lauvnostind, both of which you can see from the valley. Please contact reception for more information.



This relatively easy trip gives you great views towards the Skagastølstindane mountains and other peaks in the Hurrungane massif, and the route takes in several cultural heritage sites and mountain farms. You can either walk to the Tindeklubbhytta mountain cabin or do the round trip Turtagrø–Nedre Dyrhaugsrygg–Turtagrø.