Trips from Vassbakken


The trip to Fuglesteg is another classic. Just 5 minutes by car, and you are on your way to the newly restored mountain farm of Fuglesteg with its panoramic views of the Fortunsdalen valley and Skjolden. The last stretch is fairly steep, so remember to bring plenty to drink.

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Utsikt mot Wittgensteins tomt


Visit the site where the renowned Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein periodically lived. In 1921 he published the book Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, today considered one of the most important standard works of modern philosophy. Parts of the book were written in his house here in Skjolden.

The house originally stood on a shelf atop a 30-metre high steep cliff above Lake Eidsvatnet. It used to be referred to as Little Austria by locals due to its famous resident.



On the mountainside high above Vassbakken Kro & Camping sits the abandoned mountain farm of Gjerseggi. From there you have stunning views of the Fortunsdalen valley, with the River Fortunselva running through the valley right past Vassbakken. A fairly easy trip, it takes around 30–40 minutes to reach the farm.



The Åsafossen waterfall plunges off the mountain, heading straight for Vassbakken Kro & Camping. After Nepalese Sherpas built a path there, it is now a short and easy trek to the waterfall itself.